Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Steel Magnolias!

    I have actually done several paintings without posting or uploading them and am trying to get back to working with the online gallery and blog. I am not happy with having to deal with iCloud and Photoshop constantly asking you to purchase more storage! The latest IOS will not play with my old Photoshop or printer drivers. Don't even tell me to download new drivers!!! Doesn't help.
  Since the magnolias are blooming, I thought they would be fun to paint. Ha! I have tried to paint magnolia blossoms for a couple of days - they close up before I can get my paint out. Today I tried letting in as much natural light as possible, which delayed the petals closing for a little while. The first model closed up almost immediately. I was opening a tube of paint and heard a weird swoosh - it was one of the petals flopping over the blossom center. However, this closing tendency is good for increasing your speed and painterly approach. Need to step up my game.
     I sort of captured today's bloom even though it kept drooping down and changing shape. But I'm a steel magnolia too and will keep trying. This may be the first study, but hopefully not the last! And I should have better vision very soon. (one can only hope) Please click here to go to my online auction and gallery at Daily Paintworks.

                         Magnolia 1/Me 0 oil painting on panel 8"x 10" $40 starting bid at DPW

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tangerine Breakfast

Trying to fight our dreary weather with bright colors. And guess who is trying to do the Whole Thirty? I came down with a virus on New Years and am still having symptoms. So I think eating as clean as possible will be a good way to get back on track. However, I don't tolerate eggs very well, but they are an interesting subject to paint. Tangerines are so colorful especially with a little pop of green that the mint provides. My favorite teal blue shows up in the background and compliments the orange. It is difficult painting in low winter light and my room lighting is not the best - need to work on that. But I like the colors and found a better use for eggs than eating them! Click here to place a bid or go to my online gallery.

Breakfast Tangerines  Oil on panel  5"x7" DPW auction opening bid $30

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pears N' Holly

This still life represents my recent attempt to paint after having a rough couple of months this Fall. Our family suffered a unexpected personal loss in late October, then I broke my ankle in early November. Needless to say, my creative muse was very bruised. It just feels flat right now, but the only thing I can think to do is to set up a still life and paint. Hopefully some joy will come back. I am very grateful that my injury wasn't worse and so grateful and blessed for all my friends and family.
I love pears and was looking for something in my yard that said holidays. We have a huge old holly tree that the squirrels like to chew on. So I picked a small branch and used three red pears. I do like the blue reds in the pears with the contrasting bright red of the holly berries.

Pears N' Holly  oil  DPW auction starting bid $25

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No Grapes Here!

This is the third painting in my pumpkin studies. I am still looking for a nice shaped white one. The title refers to the grape leaves surrounding the pumpkins. We have an old muscadine grapevine in our back yard. The leaves are beginning to mottle and turn yellow and brown. They are the closest I can come to a pumpkin vine using my yard trimmings. I like the torn edges and brown mottling. We used to have a lot of grapes, but I only found one sad little grape this year. The little white guy is probably some kind of squash, but he had a nice shape. I am still getting a more yellow cast in the photos. the painting is slightly more blue. I need to experiment with different camera settings. Click here to go to auction.
No Grapes Here 5"x7" oil DPW auction $25 starting bid

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pumpkin Painting Two

Here we go again. It must be pumpkin sickness. Painting pumpkins again and I feel another pumpkin painting coming on. There are several things about pumpkins that make them desirable to paint. There is the allure of once a year like certain flowers that only bloom annually. They have great shape and color. They last a long time and go well with other things. I think I have fondness for them from teaching my young students how to draw spheres using pumpkins. Their drawings were the best! I will be busy for the next few days and may not be able to paint, but I will be on the lookout for a horse (pumpkin) of a different color.

Pumpkin Painting Two 6"x6" oil DPW auction $25

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mum's the Word

Pumpkins and mums always say Fall for me. I love the changing leaves and cooler weather. But chrysanthemums and live pumpkins are a must when September starts to wane and football season starts. Last week, I couldn't wait and bought a pie pumpkin and a blue-purple mum to paint even though I had a busy week. They have been waiting patiently on the kitchen counter until today. Finally I made time to paint and set up a still life.  I decided to add some green in the form of magnolia leaves and ivy vines. The little purple flowers are very feathery and more textural in appearance which suggested painting with a large brush and keep everything very painterly. It felt so good to finally get to paint. I can't wait to buy a larger pumpkin - maybe even one of those white, ghostly ones! Click here to bid.

Mum's the Word 5"x7" oil DPW auction $25 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The most interesting flowers I could find to paint at the grocery store were sunflowers. Most of them had not fully opened up. I took the two most opened and turned one so I could paint part of the center. This was after I had tried to paint something totally different that was not turning out. I wiped the board and started over with the flowers. I think it turned out much better than what I was struggling with. I like the way sunflowers always look like they are moving - I guess reaching for the sun.

Sunny 5"x7" oil DPW auction $25